Almon teaching Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga isn’t just a physical practice, it's also a way to stay positive in body and mind during this exciting and sometimes uncertain time.

Through breathing techniques and special postures, we carefully strengthen and stretch your body. This maintains fitness and reduces anxiety, preparing you for your journey into motherhood.

Pregnancy yoga is great for you and your baby. It’s recommended that you begin or return to your practice in your second or third trimester.

“Thanks for all your support and calming vibes during my pregnancy. I really think your yoga helped me. My recovery has also been good so far and I’m crediting you with that too!”

Rachel, London

Postnatal Mum + Baby Yoga

Postnatal Yoga offers a blend of touch, movement and relaxation – a bonding session for Mama and baba.

Classes support Mamas in their post-pregnancy recovery and postpartum journey. We prioritise toning and strengthening muscles, improving posture and combating fatigue.

For the little ones, I provide playful movements, soothing songs and gentle massage to promote sleep, aid digestion and contribute to healthy development.

Practising yoga after labour and birth is great for you and your baby. It’s recommended that you start your practice after your six-months check with your health practitioner. Babies can come along at any age, and I welcome you to weave in your practice with caring for your little one.